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The objective of the Recreational 6U/8U League is to give young players an opportunity to learn the rules and basic skills necessity to play soccer. At this level, the importance of playing as part of a team and to learn good sportsmanship are to be stressed. The coaches are to encourage this importance; not only to their team, but to themselves, their assistants and the parents. Most important is that the PLAYERS have FUN and a GOOD SPORTS EXPERIENCE.



The 6U/8U program is intended to be INSTRUCTIONAL. The games are to be considered extensions of practice, which provides the players an opportunity to practice their soccer skills in a game situation. (Remember, the players love to perform for their families and their families love to see these players perform.) Team records and standings will not be maintained, because winning will not be emphasized. This soccer program is to learn, not just for the players, but for the coaches and parents as well.  Maintain a positive and open mind when mistakes occur, encourage your team continuously. Hopefully, the competitive spirit associated with the game shall be the growing experience, for these young players, all coaches, and parents.


The US Soccer Federation has adopted a Birth Year Registration policy which has changed the age brackets for players effective Fall 2016.  Ohio North / OYSAN has also adopted these rules and MSC follows the majority of these policies for our rec program. 

• Registering players are classified according to a January 1 to December 31 timeframe. 

• The 6U program will consist of players 5U and 6U age brackets, and may be an academy based program with practices before games.

• The 8U program will consist of players 7U and 8U age brackets.  

• If registration numbers are lower during a specific season the 6U & 8U program may be combined.  The 7U and 8U program may also be separated at times. 




1.    The dimensions of the playing field for 6U/8U soccer will vary depending on the available space. Typically, the modified field will be situated so that the length of the 6U/8U field is the width of a normal field. The width of the 6U/8U field had been reduced to emphasize play to the center of the field. Of importance, is that the 6U/8U field be longer than it is wide, always a rectangle. (Currently 70 ft. by 105ft.)

2.    The field will be lined properly with a center circle, corner arcs, goal box, penalty box, centerline, touch and goal lines. The corner boundaries are to be marked with flags.

3.    The goal will be 4 feet high, and approximately 6 feet wide, marked with goal posts, and centered on the narrowest ends of the field. The goal post will be properly covered by a net. There will be a goal box measured 6 feet by 12 feet. This box is utilized to position the ball for goal kicks by the defending team.

4.    A penalty box will measure 18 feet by 36 feet.  During a goal kick, all players should be outside of the goal box, except for the player kicking the ball.  After a goal kick has been taken, the ball must pass outside of the goal box before it can be played by someone other than the person who took the goal kick.   

5.   The 6U/8U coaches shall be responsible to layout and paint the lines for the fields.  Lines should be clearly visible for the referees, or a game may need rescheduled.  It is the home team’s coaches responsibility to inspect the field prior to the game, and repaint lines, or secure nets as required to the goalposts.   MSC enforces the Federal Soccer Goal Safety Standards published by Ohio North for full size and nearly full size movable soccer goals.



1.    The game ball will be a number 3 soccer ball. The home team provides the ball for game time, and is responsible to place and remove the corner flags.  Some spare size 3 balls are available to borrow during the season and are located in the equipment shed.

2.    The players' uniform will consist of the Five S's of soccer; shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks and soccer shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable.  Shin guards should be fully covered by socks

3.    In the event of inclement weather, players may wear suitable clothing UNDER their uniform. Please try to have your team wear colors that match, as closely as possible, to their uniform. Please allow no hooded shirts. This could put a player in physical danger if the hood is grabbed. If hooded shirts are worn, the hood must be tucked in under the uniform shirt, or the child will not be permitted to play. No hats, with the exception of a knitted ski hat in cold weather, or earmuffs are permitted.



1.   Games should be played with 4 field players and no goal keepers.  Coaches should substitute players at each quarter to ensure fair playing time and give players opportunities to play every position. 

2.   In the event that one team is unable to field 4 players, each team shall play equally, the team having the least amount will have the advantage on the field such as starting the game and playing going downhill. If players arrive late, substitutions are made only during quarter breaks. No game will start if less than 3 players are present for each team.

3.   In 6U games, coaches will be allowed on the field but shall not interfere with the game play.

4.   Coaches will act as the referees for all 6U games.    

5.   All 8U game rules shall be followed, unless specifically revised above.



1.    The game shall be played with 4 players from each team on the field at any one time. In the event that one team is unable to field 4 players, each team shall play equally, the team having the least amount will have the advantage on the field such as starting the game and playing going downhill. If players arrive late, substitutions are made during goal kicks and throw-ins. No game will start if less than 3 players are present for each team. No game will start 10 minutes past its scheduled time. In the case of a forfeit, rescheduling is a possibility. 

a)    If both coaches agree, they may designate their team players to play for the opposing team in order for the opposing team to field a full or equal team for play.  

b)   All games will be played at the scheduled date and time, unless the referee cancels the game due to inclement weather with thunder or lightning.  Soccer is often played in the rain or during cold weather.  Dress your children appropriately.  The possible rescheduling depends on field and referee availability.  The coaches can contact the Director of Coaching for possible reschedules.  

2.    Prior to the start of the game, each team shall send one or two players out to the center of the field to greet the referee for a coin toss. The team that wins the coin toss will have the advantage to choose whether to receive the ball first of what goal they will defend. The loosing team will have the remainder of the two choices.

3.    The game will be 50 minutes in length; divided into four (4) ten (10) minute quarters with 2-minute breaks between quarters and a 5-minute break at halftime. Substitutions may occur at the end of each quarter or anytime if a player is injured.  Coaches may agree before the game to allow substitutions on throw-ins and goal kicks, but should notify the referee if this will be utilized. There are alternate kickoffs by quarter. One minute before breaks are over, the referee will blow the whistle and coaches will position their players on the field.

4.    The teams shall change ends of the field at half time.

5.    The kick-off will be as in regular soccer.

a)    The kick-off is taken from the center of the field.

b)   The ball must be kicked and travel one complete revolution to be considered a kickoff.  The ball does not need to go forwards.

c)    The kicker shall not replay the ball after he/she has kicked it until it is touched by another player.

d)    Players on the opposing team must be on their own half of the field and outside the center circle.

e)    Only 2 chances are permitted for the kick-off. After the second attempt, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick where the foul has occurred.

6.    Play is stopped only on a dead ball situation in which neither team has control of the ball, e.g. ball out of bounds, at the end of each quarter, at the end of the game, goal scored. If a player is injured, play is stopped immediately and restarted with a drop ball. The clock will continue to run unless a serious injury has occurred.

7.    The ball is in play until it completely passes over the touchline or goal line, either on the ground or in the air.

8.    A throw-in is taken when the ball completely passes over the touchline on either side of the field. The team that did not put the ball out of bounds is awarded the throw-in. A proper throw-in is made by throwing the ball from behind the head, using both hands, and keeping both feet on the ground. If an improper throw-in is made, a second throw-in is awarded to the same team. If the second throw-in is not taken properly, the throw-in is then awarded to the opposing team, which shall also have 2 chances to complete a proper throw-in.

9.    A goal kick is awarded when a member of the attacking team is the last to touch the ball before it passes completely over the goal line (without scoring a goal) either on the ground or in the air. The defending team is awarded a goal kick which is taken from anywhere in the defending team's goal box area. All opposing players must remain outside the penalty area (penalty box), until the ball leaves the penalty area. (A re-kick will be awarded until the ball leaves the penalty area.) Penalty: An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at either top corner of the penalty box if the defending team is wasting time to put the ball back into play.

10. A corner kick is awarded when a member of the defending team is the last to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line (without scoring a goal). The attacking team is awarded a corner kick, which is taken from within the corner arc located near the corner flag. The ball is placed on the ground and kicked back into play by the attacking team. The opposing team must stay 15 feet (5 yds.) away from the kicker.

11. There are no off-sides or direct penalty kicks in 6U/8U soccer.

12. In the event of a foul, only an indirect kick will be awarded. An indirect kick is a kick in which the ball must travel one complete revolution and must be touched by another player before the ball is in play. (A goal cannot be scored directly from an indirect free kick, unless it has touched another player before entering the goal.)

13. Each player must have the opportunity to play 2 quarters of each game and possibly have the opportunity to play more than one position during the game. Reminder: INSTRUCTIONAL SOCCER!!!

14. For the safety of the players, no player will be permitted to wear any ear-rings or jewelry, including watches or electronic fitness trackers. Medical bracelets may be worn, but must be securely taped to the wrist. NO player will be allowed to chew gum or candy at any time while on the playing field.

15. On all free kicks, the opposing team must be at least 5 yards away from the ball and kicker.

16. The referee or the coach may ask an adult to act as a club linesman. The linesman is not allowed to coach or instruct from the sidelines. The club linesman is to signal when the ball goes out of play.

17. No coach or spectator will be permitted behind either goal line during the game. At the next stoppage of play, the referee will ask the person causing the distraction to leave that area. The game will restart as necessary.  Seating along the goal line is permitted if spectators are at least 12 yards from the goal line.  The spectator seating area shall be on the North and South sides of the fields.  Only coaches, referees and players are permitted in the player area between the fields.  The coaches are permitted to give instructions from their player side, starting from the center line and extending to twenty feet from the corner arc (at the penalty box line). A maximum of 2 coaches per team are permitted.

18. Slide tackles or slide kicks or the intention of, will not be permitted and will be considered "dangerous play". Any player attempting a slide tackle or slide kick or the intention of, will be warned one time only. The second warning will be the removal of that player for the rest of that one game. Penalty: An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team when the foul has occurred. 

19. The coach of any team with a 4-point lead will be reminded by the referee to make adjustments for equal play. The referee has no authority to make these adjustments other than to remind the winning coach. The team leading in score will be expected to take the strongest player(s) and position them on a weaker spot on the field of play. If this does not give the opposing team an advantage, and the stronger team scores again, the team ahead in points will choose the strongest player(s) (the more skilled, advanced player(s)), and remove him/her from the field of play. The stronger player(s) may return once, and if, the score is within 1 point.  The team that is trailing by 4 or more points will be permitted to add an additional player on the field.  If the team is trailing by 5 or more goals they may be permitted two additional players, or 6 on the field.  If the score returns to a 4 or 3 point differential, the trailing coach should reduce their player numbers accordingly.  
20. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of every person, including guest, and themselves, on "their" side of the field. A coach is recognized by the Manchester Soccer Club as a participant in the match.

Except for the referee and the players in the game, no other person is allowed on the field unless, and until, authorized by the referee. All others must remain at least

6 feet back from the touchline, (side lines), on their side of the field to allow the linesman a clear view down the field. Fighting by any persons, either in the game or one the sidelines, and/or loud verbal abuse or physical/verbal assault to the referee, players, coaches or other spectator, shall be grounds to suspend the match if the referee chooses. Such a decision is for the referee alone. The referee also has the authority to instruct a coach to for a player or spectator to remove themselves from the game area if the coach cannot control their side of the field. The referee has the authority to ask a coach to remove themselves from the field if they cannot conduct themselves. The game will stop until that person or persons have left the area, but the clock will continue to run. Note: The referee will give 2 warnings to the coach to control their side of the field before removal of a person(s) is considered. If a removal is necessary, the referee will ask the coach to remove the person(s) involved. The clock will continue to run.

22. The home team coach is responsible for the field conditions. Such as, the field is properly marked with flags and cones, the goals have nets secured properly, and the field is lined and mowed. The Manchester Soccer Club can and will help with this responsibility, the home coach must inquire.  A coach shall arrive 30 minutes prior to the game to unlock the gate, set up the corner flags, inspect the field, and warm players up.  All players should be at the field no later than 15 minutes prior to a game to properly warm up or stretch.

23. After each game, the teams are responsible for litter and clean up of the field. Home team coaches of the last game are to remove the flags and cones, and the home team coach of the first game of the next game is responsible to obtain this equipment to set up the field for the next matches. Coaches, make yourself available for this responsibility. Remember, other MSC teams use the field as well.

24. The home team coach will direct their team and spectators to occupy the North end of the field and the visiting team coach will direct their team and spectators the South end of the field.

25. The authority and judgment of a referee shall not be challenged. ALL CALLS BY THE REFEREE ARE FINAL. ARGUING WITH THE REFEREE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Reports can be made. The referee is the official timekeeper.

26. If at any time you are not satisfied with the 6U/8U program, bring your concerns to the attention of the Manchester Soccer Club. Any strong disagreements concerning the referee please state in detail on the game report and this will be brought to the attention of the MSC Director of Coaching, President, or Registrar.

27. The Referee shall enforce the latest FIFA rules, and shall follow all US Soccer Federation guidelines for small sided games and the latest version of the USSF Player Development Initiatives.

28.  Headers shall not be permitted by any player during a game or at practices.

29. Goal keepers shall throw the ball only.  Punting or dropkicks are not permitted. 

30. The build-out line shall be encouraged for the 8U program when the keeper has the possession of the ball.  This rule shall be discussed prior to the game by the coaches and referee and determined if it will or will not be enforced.  Off-sides does not apply. 

31. THE FINAL RULE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. THE PROGRAM IS TO BE INSTRUCTIONAL AND FUN FOR ALL INVOLVED. These rules are to insure the quality and safety of the MSC soccer program.


INSERT: In the case of inclement weather, the referee will make the decision at the field whether or not play may commence. The MSC shall handle possible rescheduling. If you know of a cancellation ahead of time, please let all involved know immediately.