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Last amended March 03, 2017

Adopted February 27, 2016


Section 1.    Membership


A.    Players

All duly registered players of MSC in good standing shall be considered members pursuant to Article 9 of the MSC Constitution.  

B.    Adult Volunteers

Any adult appointed to the positions of coach, director, committee chairman, or any duly elected or appointed board member is considered a member of MSC pursuant to Article 9 of the MSC Constitution.

C.    Membership

MSC members are considered members of the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North, US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation.

D.    Associate Members

Persons not covered under any category above, may pay $10 per year to be Associate Members of MSC.  Associate Members may present motions, and debate issues but do not vote.

E.    Removal of Members

Any member of MSC may be removed for not following the MSC, OHIO NORTH, OYSAN, US Youth Soccer or USSF constitutions, bylaws, and rules and regulations.  Removal of MSC membership will be by disciplinary hearing.  Removal shall be by a majority vote of the board of directors at any time, with or without the presence of the person(s) present.  Parents of players are not considered members and may be asked not to attend games/practices/activities by a vote of the majority of the board. 

F.    Condition of Membership

Membership for all is only for the current seasonal year, and only after all paperwork is finished and accepted, and fees are paid.  Members have to be accepted by the board.  Membership can be denied for those on suspension through the hearing process.  If a player’s parents/guardians have consistently violated rules of the league as determined by the board of directors, the player may be denied membership in subsequent years.



Section 2    Officers and Committees


A.    Board of Directors

The responsibility for management of the MSC shall reside in the Board of Directors through their activities as a whole and through their duly appointed committee chairpersons.  The board is entitled to employ or appoint such persons as needed to perform the functions of the programs and activities as necessary.  The board is made up of the five members of the Executive Committee, the two Associate Directors, and Chairs of the Standing Committees pursuant to Article 9 of the MSC Constitution.


B.    Duties

1.    Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the official ruling body of the Association.  The board shall have control and management of league business, and make all policies.  The board may adopt rules and regulations not inconsistent with the constitution and bylaws of MSC, OHIO NORTH, OYSAN, US Youth Soccer and USSF.  The board may apply sanctions or suspensions as appropriate in its documents.  The board will set fees and dues, and will approve a yearly budget and the amendments and changes to the budget, and will establish such financial policies that will insure proper management of the finances of the league.  The board shall manage all disciplinary hearings for MSC members.   Voting shall be pursuant to Article 9 of the MSC Constitution. 

a.    Discipline

This Board of Directors will hold all disciplinary hearings for official people (those on the board), players, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team managers, and standing committee chairs for the purpose of applying discipline for all but single yellow card offenses.  These hearing outcomes for MSC members are appealable to OYSAN. The BOD will also hold disciplinary cases for non-official people such as parents and volunteers not on rosters.  The outcome for non-official people hearings is not appealable.   Referee Assault and Abuse cases by official people shall be referred to OYSAN. The committee will use standards for hearings as set by USSF.


2.    Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will propose an annual budget to the board of directors, and will prepare a list of members to be accepted by the board.  The Executive Committee will have other duties as assigned by the Board. Voting shall be pursuant to Article 9 of the MSC Constitution.  Positions terms shall be for period of four years.

a.    President

The president will preside at all meetings; will propose to the executive committee the names of the coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team managers, volunteers, and standing committee chairs.   The president shall be the league delegate to GAASA, OHIO NORTH, OYSAN, other leagues, and state meetings and will represent MSC at those meetings.  The president will be the second signatory on checks greater than $5,000 and may sign checks in the absence of the treasurer.  The President will assist the Directors of Registration and serve in a vacant position until a replacement appointment is made.   The president will be elected at the AGM in odd numbered years.

b.    Director of Coaching

The Director of Coaching will recommend to the president and executive committee those persons competent in all ways to coach.  The director will oversee the coaching education program, and require all coaches to abide by the rules, standards of behavior, fair play and ethics of coaching and the game.  The director will receive and investigate all complaints about coaches and recommend actions to the board.  The director will act as the referee coordinator for the U6 and U8 youth program, must be a current or former USSF referee, or working to become a referee.  This person will be responsible for referee education and certification, and will assign all games.  This director will accept and review all input about referees.  The Director of Coaching will serve in the absence of the president.  In case of a vacancy in the office of the president, the Director of Coaching shall assume that position until the next AGM election.  The Director of Coaching will be elected at the AGM in even numbered years.

c.    Director of Fields

The Director of Fields is responsible for the obtaining of all fields for practices and games, and is responsible for maintenance of all fields, goals and other field equipment.  This person may work closely with city or school officials, and may direct a committee to perform various duties.  The Director of Fields will be elected at the AGM in odd numbered years.

d.    Secretary

The secretary will keep all minutes of the association and will conduct the correspondence of the association.  The secretary will be elected at the AGM in even numbered years. 

e.    Treasurer

The treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the league.  The treasurer will keep all books, write checks, and recommend financial procedures to improve the handling of funds.  The treasurer will ensure that all persons handling cash are subject to scrutiny and are bonded.  The treasurer shall meet all statutory financial requirements as to filing state and federal tax returns.  The treasurer will have an outside audit of the books each year or at least one time prior to the end of the term of office.  The treasurer will be one of the persons able to sign checks abiding by the limitations of the budget or budget amendments passed by the board.  The treasurer will be elected at the AGM in odd numbered years.




3.      Associate Directors

Each Associate Director will be appointed by the board of directors.  Positions terms shall be for period of four years.


a.    Associate Director of Registration

The Associate Director of Registration shall be responsible for the registration of players and coaches, and will ensure that all requirements of MSC, OHIO NORTH registration, Background Checks and Concussion Training are current.  This associate director will compile lists of players, and place players onto rosters according to the rules of the league and MSC.  The associate director of registration will do the game scheduling for the league.  This associate director will present the criteria for game rescheduling to the board for approval each year.  This associate director will work with the President and Director of Coaching.  The Associate Director of Registration will be elected at the AGM in even numbered years.

b.    Associate Director of the Recreational League   

The Associate Director of the Recreation League shall oversee the U6 and U8 youth program, recruit coaches for each team, determine game schedules and reschedules, and shall be responsible to act as an intermediary for new player’s parents and  the Board of Directors.  This associate director will work with the Director of Coaching and Director of Fields.  The Associate Director of the Recreation League will be elected at the AGM in odd numbered years.


4.      Standing Committees

Each committee chair will be appointed by the board for a one year term.  Positions terms shall be for period of one year.

a.    The Budget and Nominating Committee

This committee will meet at least one time a year, and more if necessary.  The committee will work with the treasurer to obtain the amount of money to be budgeted, and after consultation with Board members propose a budget for the year.  The committee will find nominees for each position to be elected, and present the slate at the AGM.  The committee will also suggest persons to the president for filling vacancies on the board.  The chair for this committee will be appointed by the board at the first meeting after the AGM to fill the position for one year or until the position is filled after the next AGM.

b.    Fair Play Committee

This committee will devise activities to encourage fair play between all league entities.  This committee will present awards at each AGM for Fair Play Coach of the Year, Fair Play Team of the Year, and Fair Play Player of the Year.  The chair for this committee will be appointed by the board at the first meeting after the AGM to fill the position for one year or until the position is filled after the next AGM.

c.    Tournaments Committee

This committee will determine available club funds to host or allow individual teams to participate in various OHIO NORTH sponsored tournaments.  MSC will sponsor the registration fees for one tournament per season per travel team.  Additional sponsorship may be approved by the Board of Directors.

d.    City/School Liaison and Fund Raising Committee

This committee will work with various public entities to better the fields, conditions and all aspects of the leagues players.  This committee will also conduct fund raisers as approved and directed by the board of directors, ensuring proper handling of all funds.  The chair for this committee will be appointed by the board at the first meeting after the AGM to fill the position for one year or until the position is filled after the next AGM.


5.    Elections, Vacancies and Removals

a.    Vacancies

If a vacancy occurs in any elected position in which succession is not indicated in this document prior to the completion of one half of the term of office, the Board of Directors will appoint a person to fill that position until the next Annual General meeting.  At the AGM, a person will be elected to fulfill the regular term of office.  If a vacancy occurs in any elected position in which succession is not indicated in the bylaws after completion of one half of the term of office, the Board of Directors will appoint a person to fill that position until the end of the term.

b.    Removal

Board members may be removed from office for just cause, and/or failure to attend meetings or perform the duties of the office.  The board member has a right to a hearing and has rights of appeal.  The hearing will be by the board of directors with the board member who is the subject of the hearing not having a right to vote.  The vote to remove must be by 3/4 majority of the remaining and attending members.

c.    Nominations

Persons wanting to serve may be nominated by either the report of the nominating committee, or by being nominated from the floor. 


6.       Meetings

            Board of Directors Meeting shall be held one time per soccer season (fall & spring), time and place announced to the membership through regular communication channels.

            Annual General Meeting shall be held annually in August or at other times as deemed necessary.  Meetings shall be announced to the entire membership via mailed letter, electronic communication, or by phone at least 7 days in advance.

            Organizational Meeting may be held within two months of the AGM.  At that time any proposed Committee Chairs will be discussed by the Board of Directors.

            General Membership Meeting shall be called only as needed.  A GMM must be called by agreement of 2/3 of the voting board members.  The date, time, place and reason for the meeting must be announced to the entire membership in a letter mailed to every member household at least 30 days in advance.

            Special Board Meeting shall be called only as needed by the President or by a majority of the Board Members, with 5 days notice to the entire board via mailed letter, electronic communication, or by phone.

            Cancellation of a meeting must be made 24 hours before the scheduled meeting by mail, electronic communication, or by phone by the president only for extraordinary reasons.

E.        Quorum

            A quorum needed to conduct business at Board, Organizational, and Special Board Meetings will exist when a simple majority (3 members) of voting Board of Directors are present.  For an AGM or GMM, a quorum will exist when three fourth (3/4) number of voters are in attendance at the time called for the meeting.

F.         Finance Report

            The treasurer will present a financial report to the members at the AGM.  An outside audit will be made every year, if requested by the board or the membership, and at least 30 days prior to the AGM at which the treasurer’s term is over.

G.    Amendments

The Board of Directors may propose amendments to the Bylaws.  Such proposals require a 2/3 majority of the entire board.  Such Board approved recommended bylaws must be voted on by the members at the next AGM or GMM, and approved by a 2/3 vote of those present and voting.  Amendments proposed at the AGM or GMM from the floor must be approved by a 3/4 vote of those present and voting.

Listing of amendments:
2016.02.27 - Original date of adoption
2017.01.01 - Amendment 1
2017.02.01 - Amendment 2
2017.03.03 - Amendment 3



Section 3    Rules and Regulation


1.    General Rules and Regulations:


Rule 1.0: MSC Establishment

MSC shall adopt all rules, regulations, and policies listed below of the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North (hereinafter referred to as OHIO NORTH). Amendments to OHIO NORTH current rules, regulations, and policies are herein amended by MSC.  Where no amendments are listed, replace the term OHIO NORTH with MSC. Note: teams participating in the MSC travel program may be subject to additional GAASA rules and regulations, and or other league regulations outside of OHIO NORTH. 


Rule 1.2: Amendments

The rules, regulations, and policies of this association as now established and as hereafter amended may be altered, repealed or new rules, regulations and policies may be adopted in lieu thereof by a majority of the board of directors then in office and present at the meeting of the board of directors. These rules, regulations, and policies shall take effect on that January 1st that occurs immediately after the amendment is approved, unless specified in the motion when to take effect.

Rule 1.3: Organization’s Prerogatives to Set Rules

MSC may deem fit to enact rules and regulations more stringent than those set by OHIO NORTH, but in no case may MSC rules and regulations be less stringent. However, MSC shall not limit those privileges granted to players by the USSF, the US Youth Soccer, or the OHIO NORTH.

Rule 1.4: Pleas of Ignorance

A plea of ignorance to the bylaws and these rules, regulations and policies is not sufficient, and violators may expect appropriate action by the board of directors of this association.

Rule 1.5: Matters Not Provided For

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 1.5 as follows:  Replace in its entirety with the following:  Any matters not provided for in the OHIO NORTH bylaws and rules shall be determined by the MSC board of directors and decisions so made shall be subject to approval by the MSC board of directors and new rules enacted.


2: Administration

Rule 2.1: Officers’ Expenses

Rule 2.2: Restrictions on Officers

Rule 2.3: Other Administrators

Rule 2.4: Notice of Meetings

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 2.4 as follows:  All MSC meeting notices shall be distributed via email to current members, no less than 7 days prior to the meeting.

Rule 2.5: Budget

Rule 2.6: Fees and Fines

Rule 2.7: Investments

Rule 2.8: Gifts

Rule 2.9: Member Organization Responsibilities

Rule 2.10: Member Organization Bylaws

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 2.10 as follows:  Refer to the following link for OHIO NORTH Bylaws, Rules, & Policies:

Rule 2.11: Risk Management

Rule 2.12: Insurance

Rule 2.13: Non-Member Organizations; Territorial Affiliations

Rule 2.14: Seasonal Year; Seal; Notices

Rule 2.15: Administrative Operations Manual

Rule 2.16: Tax and Legal Status

Rule 2.17: Professional Status

Rule 2.18:Tournament Games, Inter District Play, All-Star Games, and International Games

Rule 2.19: Permission to Travel

Rule 2.20: Permission to Host Foreign and Interstate Teams

Rule 2.21: Permission to Host a Tournament

Rule 2.22: State League Vote (Rule does not apply to MSC)

Rule 2.23: Conflict of Interest


Section 3: Registration

Rule 3.1: Individuals or Teams

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 3.1 as follows:  MSC travel soccer program for youth teams categorized as 15U to 9U typically participate in the GAASA league, which is a member of OHIO NORTH.  MSC may elect to have certain teams participate in programs other than GAASA, either within or outside of OHIO NORTH.

Rule 3.2: Age Limit Definition

Rule 3.3: Maintaining Youth Eligibility

Rule 3.4: Player Registration, Member Organization Entry and Team Affiliation Requirements

Rule 3.5: Roster Limit

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 3.5 as follows:  GAASA regulations, and or other leagues may supersede the OHIO NORTH rule.

Rule 3.6: Player Release, Transfer, and Registration

Rule 3.7: Poaching
Add rule 3.8: MSC Clarifications on registration policies
3.8.1.      Registration does not guarantee player placement on a team.
3.8.2.      Team declaration, player placement and team coaching assignment typically occurs after MSC player registration ends. No refund shall be granted over a dispute of player placement or team coaching assignment. 
3.8.3.      Refusal of registration: MSC has the right to refuse any registration submitted without cause.
3.8.4.      Registration is complete when all ELA’s have been signed and payment has been made in full.
3.8.5.      MSC and the league will review all necessary documents required as a part of registration.  Additional information may need to be submitted after the registration has occurred.
3.8.6.      Registration refund requests will be granted prior to the MSC player registration deadline. 
3.8.7.      Should an injury occur or other medical reason in which a player cannot complete a season, the MSC Board of Directors may offer a pro-rated refund for a portion of the registration fees.    
3.8.8.      In the unusual event that a player is not placed on a team, a refund will be granted. We do not provide refunds for players who make a team, but later decide not to play with MSC (unless for medical reasons).
3.8.9.      All refund requests must be made to both the MSC President and MSC Registrar in writing.
3.8.10.    All refunds shall be less any MSC incurred fees from the league, affinity, processing fees, and other MSC operating costs and expenses associated with the player’s registration and team.
3.8.11.    Player placement is made based on current registration numbers and past coach recommendations / evaluations. Team declaration and player placement may change from season to season.  All decisions are made by a committee comprised of the President, DOC, and Registrar.
3.8.12.    Every effort will be made so all players registered with MSC are placed on an age appropriate team.
3.8.13.    Players may not play down an age bracket. Also, due to current season registration players may be placed on a travel team up to two age brackets older.  MSC prioritizes that players are placed at their actual age bracket or only one age bracket up, but this will vary from season to season to ensure each team has appropriate players on each team.
3.8.14.    The league makes the final decision of team declaration/placement within divisions (c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, etc).
3.8.15.    Maximum team roster sizes may be adjusted and set below the roster sizes (determined by the league) to ensure adequate play time for each player.  


Section 4: Rules of Play

Rule 4.1: Rules of Play

Rule 4.2: Modifications

Rule 4.3: Field of Play

Rule 4.4: Length of Games and Size of Ball

Rule 4.5: Substitutions

Rule 4.6: Player Equipment

Rule 4.7: Uniforms

Rule 4.8: Home Team Responsibilities 

Rule 4.9: Player Passcards

Rule 4.10: Ineligible or Improperly Registered Player

Rule 4.13: Misconduct
Add Rule 4.14: MSC soccer goal safety policy:  
MSC shall follow the 1995 January, US Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety".  A copy of this guideline is available on the Ohio North website. 


Section 5: Discipline Policies

Rule 5.1: Responsibility for Discipline

Rule 5.2: Discipline and Appeal Filing Procedure

Rule 5.3: Disciplinary Rulings, and Minimum Punishments

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 5.3 as follows:  Any fines, fees, or bonds imposed as a result of misconduct of spectators, shall be paid for by the MSC members’ parent/guardians responsible for such actions.   Additional disciplinary action may occur as deemed necessary by the MSC Board of Directors disciplinary hearings.


Section 6: Coaching License

Amend OHIO NORTH Rule 6 as follows: 

OYSAN minimum requirements:   All competitive and premier coaches registered as of April 1, 2011 must hold a minimum of the US Soccer U-10/12 Module (or US Soccer equivalent) by the beginning of the Fall season, August 1, 2012. Starting the fall of 2011, the 12 month allowance starts for all coaches going forward.

MSC minimum requirements: 

Effective January 1, 2016 the following shall apply:

1.    All recreational (6U, 7U & 8U) and travel (9U-15U) coaches, assistant coaches, Board of Directors (Executive Committee, Directors, and Committees), and youth volunteers serving must hold the following certifications and/or trainings:

a.    Compliance with all of the OHIO NORTH Risk Management Policies, Guidelines, and Resources.

b.    Annual Background Check through OHIO NORTH.

2.    All recreational (6U & 8U) and travel (9U-15U) coaches, assistant coaches, and youth volunteers serving must hold the following certifications and/or trainings:

a.    Concussion Training shall be completed (and renewed every three years) through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

b.    Registration and participation in the US Soccer National “F” License course.  Course must be successfully completed prior to participating in a second season.

3.    All travel (9U-15U) coaches and assistant coaches serving must hold the following certifications and/or training:

a.    A US Soccer U-10/12 license compliant with OHIO NORTH as listed above.

b.    Upon completion of the U-10/12 license, and prior to the fourth season after obtaining the U-10/12 license, they shall attend and complete the US Soccer National “E” License Course.  Achieving the license of National “E” is not required, but highly recommended. 

1.        Coaches and assistant coaches in their final coaching season shall not be required to attend the National “E” license course, but are encouraged to do so if they plan to continue their coaching career. 

4.    All registration fees for MSC requirements for coaches, assistant coaches, and Board of Directors (Executive Committee, Directors, and Committees) shall be paid for by the person applying, and reimbursed by MSC upon successful completion.  Youth volunteers will not be reimbursed unless prior approval is given by the Board of Directors.    


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