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Last amended March 03, 2017

Adopted February 27, 2016


Article 1 Name

The name of this association shall be the Manchester Soccer Club, and may referred to as MSC in the constitution, bylaws or other official documents.  The association shall be under the direction and supervision of the Board of Directors.

Article 2 Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of the Manchester Soccer Club shall be the supervision, regulation and promotion of youth soccer, providing opportunities of competitive play for the development of soccer players through coaching, refereeing and player development programs, and to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play among all participants. It shall promote instruction in technical and tactical skills and the strategies of soccer under the philosophies of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the learning of fundamentals. 

Section 2: The goal of MSC shall be to place all available players on each age appropriate team, when possible.  When registration numbers are high in a certain age group, precedence may be given to keep players playing in a certain skill classification.  Gender shall not be a determining factor to declare teams or to place players on a team. Co-ed teams may be formed, as required.  MSC reserves the right to form certain teams based upon current registration numbers, player skill sets, and place them in appropriate leagues when required.  Travel players will typically be registered in the GAASA league unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. It shall promote instruction in the skills and strategies of soccer under the philosophies of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the leaning of fundamentals.

Section 3: MSC shall endeavor to follow the latest US Soccer player development initiatives and the latest IFAB Laws of the Game as modified by the leagues in which our teams participate.

Section 4: No part of the income or assets of this association shall inure to the benefit of any individual or member.

Section 5: This association shall issue no capital stock. Its object and purpose is solely of a benevolent character and not for individual pecuniary gain or profit to its members. It shall obtain and maintain the appropriate non-profit status with the State of Ohio, and the IRS, if necessary

Article 3 Membership

The membership of MSC shall be open to any soccer players turning five years old during the seasonal year and players no older than 19 years old during the seasonal year.  Membership is also open to any Board of Director, coach, assistant coach, volunteer, standing committee chair, and administrator appointed to the position in the current seasonal year by the Board of Directors.  No player, coach, assistant coach, volunteer, standing committee chair, administrator, or board of director suspended under Section 4 of the United States Soccer Federation, Inc (USSF) Bylaw 241 holds any membership in MSC.  Members in MSC are also members of the Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association (GAASA), Ohio Youth Soccer Association North (OHIO NORTH), the US Youth Soccer, and the United States Soccer Federation.  No coach, assistant coach, volunteer, standing committee chair, administrator,  board member, or director shall hold a position at another soccer club which could be construed as a conflict of interest.  

Article 4 Precedence

The order of precedence is USSF, US Youth Soccer, OYSAN, OHIO NORTH, GAASA, and MSC.  Members agree to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies and requirements of these organizations.

MSC will abide by all requirements of OHIO NORTH including, but not limited to:  submission of membership information, holding hearing and protecting the rights of members, registration and other matters.

Article 5 Territory

The territory of MSC is the entire area of the City of New Franklin, including those areas served by the Manchester Local School system.  (Players outside of New Franklin will be taken in a supplemental sign up, if slots remain on the roster of any team within the territory after the original sign up.)

Article 6 Location

The post office box will be the official, permanent location for mail purposes.  The past president will give the new president the key to the post office box on the day the new president takes office.  Any permanent office can be established by the membership upon amendment of this article, as long as it is physically within the territory of the Association.  Past minutes, a complete, correct copy of the constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations, and copies of the annual report and audit shall be maintained by each president and passed to the next president on the day the new president takes office.

Article 7 Colors and Mascot

The organizations colors and mascot shall be red, white, and black and the Panthers.   If the Manchester school colors and mascot change from the Panthers and red, white, and black, the club shall consider the change at the next Annual General Meeting.

Article 8 Organization

Section 1 The MSC Executive Committee shall have the power to adopt bylaws, on an emergency basis, however such bylaws may not be inconsistent with this Constitution or Bylaws. All such emergency bylaws must be submitted to the association for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Article 9 Administration

A.         Board of Directors

1.            The governing body of MSC shall be the Board of Directors (BOD).  The Board of Directors shall be made up of the Executive Committee, the two Associate Directors, and the appointed Standing Committee Chairpersons.  The Executive Committee may give reports, make motions, second motions, and discuss matters and vote.  Only the Executive Committee may vote.  The Associate Directors and Standing Committee Chairpersons are ex-officio members of the board and may give reports, make motions, second motions, and discuss matters, but may not vote.  Any person hired by the board in any executive director or office manager capacity will be an ex officio member of the board.  Players are considered ex-officio club members but are not a part of the administration.  Parents/guardians of the players are recommended to discuss issues directly with the MSC Board of Directors.

a.    Executive Committee members are:

1.    President

2.    Director of Coaching

3.    Director of Fields

4.    Secretary

5.    Treasurer

b.    Associate Directors are:

1.    Associate Director of Registration (Registrar)

2.    Associate Director of the Recreational League   

c.    Standing Committees are:

1.    Budget and Nominating

2.    Fair Play

3.    Tournaments

4.    City/School Liaison and Fund Raising


2.            The Board of Directors shall have the powers and authority as set forth in the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Policies of the MSC.  They shall transact business, as a group, in the name of MSC.  The voting at board meetings shall be as follows:  one vote for each officer listed in A.1.a, in the event that one person is holding multiple positions, they shall cast one vote per position held.  In the event of a tie, the president shall either cast an additional vote to determine the result, or table the matter for further discussion. 


3.            The Board of Directors shall meet on a regular basis.  The Board will set the yearly calendar with dates, times and places at the organizational meeting in August.  Any member of MSC may attend the meeting, but may speak only in the Open to the Public section unless the president gives permission.  The meeting time, date and place can be changed by the Executive Committee (majority vote approving the change) by notifying the directors and standing committee chairs via mailed letter, electronic communication, or by phone seven days prior to the meeting.


4.            The Standing Committees may be formed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and shall meet on a regular basis.  Standing committees shall not be required on a regular basis, but shall be formed on an as-needed basis.  Some examples of possible standing committees include, but are not limited to: Budgeting and Nominating, Fair Play, Tournaments, and City/School Liaison and Fund Raising. 


5.            The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place the first Tuesday of August at Manchester Christian Church, 930 W. Nimisila Rd. at 6:30 PM.  The meeting time, date and place can be changed by the Executive Committee (majority vote approving the change) by notifying the directors and standing committee chairs via mailed letter, electronic communication, or by phone seven days prior to the meeting.  Notification will be sent to all members at least seven days in advance announcing offices to be elected, and any proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws.  Yearly reports of the committees and the audited annual financial report shall be presented in writing to the membership at the AGM. 


A.  Votes are to be given by each Board of Directors as described in item 2 above.  Assistant coaches, volunteers, and parents of members may not vote.  Parents shall voice their suggestions or concerns at this time to the voting members during the Open to the Public section. 

6.            The Agenda for all meetings shall be in the following order:

Roll Call of Board of Directors and Committee Chairman

Credentials Report (AGM only)

Minutes of last meeting / Secretary Report

Financial Report

President’s Report

Director of Coaching Report

Director of Fields Report

Committee Reports

Old Business

New Business

Open to the Public



7.            Except as noted in this constitution and the bylaws, all meeting are to be governed under Roberts Rule of Order.


B.         Employees, Independent Contractors

The Board of Directors may hire employees or contract with persons to perform certain tasks.  The duties of employees and listing of contracted work to be performed shall be done by the Board.  The board upon recommendation by the president will do the hiring of employees and/or contractors.  The President will supervise all employees and contractors.

Article 10     Disposition of Assets upon Dissolution

Section 1:  Three fourths (3/4) vote is required to dissolve and end this Association. 

Section 2:  In the event of the dissolution of this association, or in the event it shall cease to carry out the objectives and purposes herein set forth, all of the business, property, and assets of the association shall be distributed to another not-for-profit organization for soccer so that the business, properties and assets of the association shall, in such event, be used for, and devoted for, the purposes of promoting amateur soccer organizations. In no event, shall any of the assets or property, in the event of such dissolution, go or be distributed to members either for the reimbursement of any sums subscribed, donated or contributed by such members, or for any other such purposes. In the event of dissolution of the association, or upon its ceasing to carry out the objectives and purposes herein set forth, the property and assets then owned by the association shall be devoted to carrying on the functions and purposes of such amateur soccer organizations as the Executive Committee shall determine and direct.


Article 11     Liability
The MSC Executive Committee shall not be held personally liable for any legal or financial action taken by the Executive Committee as long as the Executive Committee has acted in good faith in what is considered the best interest of the association, and is not guilty of negligence, misconduct, mal- or misfeasance.

Article 12     Nondiscrimination 
The association shall not discriminate against any member or applicant because of their sex, race, color, religion or national origin.

Article 13     Amendments

The Board of Directors may propose amendments to this constitution.  Such proposals require a positive vote of three fourths (3/4) vote to be placed on the agenda.  The members must vote on such recommended amendments.

Amendments to this constitution will require a vote of three fourths (3/4) of the voting members at a duly called annual meeting or a meeting called specifically to vote upon an amendment or amendments.   Notice of such a specially called meeting shall be given to all members by mail at least 30 days prior to the meeting, listing the date, time, place and the amendment(s) to be considered.

Any member of MSC may submit an amendment to this constitution by mail notification of the membership of the proposed amendment 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Amendments become effective on that January 1st that occurs immediately after the amendment is approved, unless specified in the motion when to take effect, providing there is no other date specified for the effective date.

Listing of amendments:
2016.02.27 - Original date of adoption
2017.01.01 - Amendment 1
2017.03.03 - Amendment 2

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